Harmony Thermostat Retrofit Kits

Replacing Your Harmony Thermostat?

We offer a customizable Harmony Retrofit Kit as a fast, clean, and stylish option for upgrading your thermostat.  All Retrofit Kits come with your choice of thermostat, and cover plate, as well as a modified mounting system.

Choose Your Thermostat:

Signature™ Thermostat (WiFi-enabled):

The Signature is a WiFi-enabled floor-heating thermostat. Its features include a color touchscreen, remote access via iOS and Android apps, 7-day programmable schedule, energy usage information, outdoor temperature and daily forecast display.

Home™ Thermostat

The HOME is identical in look to the Signature, without WiFi capability. It has a high resolution touchscreen and 7-day programmability.

Choose Your Cover Plate:

Home Thermostat Retrofit with Premium Plate OptionPremium Designer Cover Plate (Square design matches Lutron cover plates) Home Thermostat Retrofit Kit with Standard Beveled cover plateStandard Beveled Cover Plate
Choice Of: Premium Designer Cover Plate Standard Beveled Cover Plate
Signature WiFi Thermostat
Price: $334.00
Price: $294.00
Home Thermostat
Price: $269.00
Price: $229.00


The Harmony Retrofit Kit is made for two-gang box and will not fit with larger boxes.
We recommend a certified electrician connect the new thermostat.