Installing Nuheat Cable Systems

Instructions for Installing Nuheat Cable Systems:

  • Secure cable guides around the perimeter of the room on the subfloor.
  • Run the cable through the guides with 3” spacing.
  • After the cable has been secured in the guides, use thinset or self-leveling compound on top.
  • After the thinset has cured, your flooring (either tile or laminate) can be installed on top.

Calculating the square footage of the heated area:

The heated area of the room should exclude areas beneath counters, fixed furniture, or any other areas under which Nuheat cable should not be installed.

  • Square footage is calculated by multiplying the length by the width of an area.
  • If needed, break up the heated area into smaller squares, rectangles, or triangles to help calculate the square footage of the entire area. Calculate the square footage of each individual area and add the square footages together.
  • Triangles are squares/rectangles split diagonally in half. To calculate the square footage of a triangle, multiply the length by the width of the triangle and divide by two.
  • When choosing a cable kit, be sure to choose the one that most closely matches your actual heated area. Cables cannot be cut, nor can cables cross one another or be installed with less than three inches between each cable run.