Radiant Way Privacy Policy

Radiant Way Incorporated: Our Privacy Policy – in plain english:

First things first.  We hate SPAM.  We don’t like getting SPAM and we promise we will not contribute any to your inbox. So we’re serious when we guarantee that at Radiant Way Incorporated, we will not violate your privacy. We will not share any information gathered on our web site with any other third-party businesses. We will not sell your personal information.
So, if you’re interested in purchasing any items sold by Radiant Way Incorporated, you can fill out our web forms with confidence and peace of mind. By clicking on our web form link, you’ll be taken to a secure server. The information that you give us is removed from the web server shortly after it is collected.  Furthermore, our secure server provider does not mine the data that they are collecting on our behalf.
We ask for pertinent details so that we can serve you better. That’s why we ask for your name, your phone number, your email and shipping address. Your information is stored in a database administered by us.  The file is located behind a firewall and is password protected.  Only the director of the company and the person fulfilling your order have access to this information.
Every so often, but not too often, we have a great promotion or a new product that we would like to share with our previous customers via email.  If you indicate that you would like to be on our mailing list, you will get these emails in your inbox.  You can opt-out of getting these emails at any time.  If you don’t want to get informational or promotional emails from us, you won’t (even if we have something really great to tell you).
So we promise to protect your privacy.  Cross our hearts!
If you wish to discuss our privacy policy, or any other aspect of our services, please feel free to email us or call us directly, on our dime.
Bernie and Kirsten Cameron, Owners