Why Choose Radiant Floor Heating?

Radiant Floor Heating warms floors from below. Some of the characteristics of this type of radiant heat include:

  • Reduces dust, allergens, pollens and problems with dry air (lack of humidity) common with forced air systems
  • Very quiet
  • Invisible – no baseboards, furnace rooms, or air vents
  • Efficient – each room or zone is controlled separately by a programmable thermostat and heat is only on when you need it and where you need it. Also, unlike forced air systems, 100% of the electricity is delivered to the heating element
  • Easily installed – no duct work is required, no attics or crawlspaces needed to run the systems
  • Great for renovations – underfloor heating is not a “whole-house system” and can be used for supplementary heat in renovations or additions. It does not have to be patched into an existing system.
  • Lower Overall home temperature – Allows you to keep the ambient temperature of your home lower. By keeping their feet warm, most homeowners find that they can turn the temperature down on their alternate heating system without feeling cold
  • No maintenance – once installation is complete, the product is warrantied for 25 years (Nuheat mats). There are no “moving parts” and the system is completely encased and protected by the flooring.
  • Thermostatically controlled – the thermostat controls when and how to warm your floors. The heat is also retained longer in the flooring, even after the heating element is turned off.