Electric Floor Warming

We are the #1 distributor of Nuheat in Northern California because we provide the highest quality products and service to our builders.  When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Project consultation during the electrical rough-in

  • Final measurements and CAD layouts to ensure the best coverage

  • Fastest turn-around of custom products in the industry

  • Post-installation service

  • 30 years of experience in the industry

Let us help streamline your project  by calling us for a complimentary site measure or, send us your plans and we will send you an estimate and layout drawings.


All successful projects start with a clear design.  We provide:

  • On-site consultation to measure the rooms and review the electrical and zone layout and,

  • A custom CAD layout with a pre-enginered heating system to eliminate cold spots.


We offer full features yet easy to program thermostats. The Nuheat thermostats have a 3 ½” color touchscreen display with 7-day programmability and a built-in GFCI. On larger projects, we also consult with the electrician to ensure the floor heating system is wired correctly to communicate with home automation systems.


Signature Thermostat

Wifi-enabled with remote access via IOS and Android apps with a display that also provides energy usage and outdoor temperature.



Home Thermostat: Similar to the Signature thermostat without WiFi capabilities, energy usage and, outdoor temperature displays.

Home Thermostat 

Similar to the Signature thermostat without WiFi capability, energy usage and outdoor temperature data.




Harmony Retrofit Kit

If you want to replace your Harmony thermostat with a new Signature or Home model, we offer a customizable Harmony Retrofit kit. This is a fast, clean, and stylish option for upgrading your thermostat.

Choose your Thermostat and Cover Plate:

If the cover plates in your home have visible screws purchase the Bevel Cover Plate

Home Thermostat   


Signature Thermostat 


If the cover plates in your home do not have visible screws purchase the Premium Cover Plate

Home Thermostat


Signature Thermostat


The Harmony retrofit kit is made for a 2-gang box and will not fit with larger boxes.  There is a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on the thermostat.  We also recommend a certified electrician connect the thermostat.


There are many different kinds of electric floor warming products and installation methods available.  We only use quality products and recommend installation methods that meet or exceed industry standards.  

There are two main types of electric radiant heating systems:

  • Mats – The mats are pre-engineered and do not require any on-site adjustments. They are available in both standard and custom options. We recommend custom mats as they provide 100% coverage - without any cold spots.

  • Cables – Cables are available in standard lengths and the layout is configured on-site by the contractor.

Installation Methods

Mats – The mats are only 1/8” thick and are embedded into acrylic modified thinset directly over the prepared subfloor.
In wet locations, such as showers, the mats are installed over the water-proof membrane using acrylic modified thinset.
For specifications click here.


Step 1

Place the Nuheat Mat into fresh acrylic modified thinset to create 100% contact between the mat, thinset and subfloor.


Step 2

Secure floor sensor probe between heating wires.


Step 3

Apply a layer of thinset and install tile/stone flooring as per manufacturer's instructions.

Cables & Membrane - The membrane is pressed into acrylic modified thinset and the cable is snapped into place.
For specifications click here.

Step 1

Step 1

Roll Nuheat Membrane onto the thinset mortar and press with a roller or a flat trowel. Lay down the next sheet and align it with the previous one without overlapping. Line up the pillars to facilitate the installation of the heating cable.


Step 2

Snap the Nuheat Cable into the Nuheat Membrane.


Step 3

Apply an additional layer of thinset mortar on top using a notched trowel suitable for the tile type/size.